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Age/Sun Spot Removal

1) What cause Age/Sun Spot?
Age/ sun spots appear on sun-exposed areas and undoubtedly the UV rays are the main culprits. Age spots can present themselves in those over the age of 40s, but some may have them earlier. These spots are usually flat, smooth and light to dark brown in colour.

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2) Are they cancerous?
Judging on the appearance of the spots, which are flat and regular in colour tone, they are non-cancerous. However, if you observe changes like increasing in size, heights, irregular texture, bleeding, oozing or itching, you should be cautious about it.

3) What are the treatment options available?
Laser can be used to remove the age / sun spots, giving you a more even skin tone and texture. After care is extremely important as your skin may experience peeling during the treatment course. Other treatments include vigilant use of whitening cream and gentle exfoliant.  Some cases can be removed by a simple local chemical peeling agent.

4) Are there any major side effects?
No. Laser treatment in removing sun / age spots is completely safe. In some cases, PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) could occur when the laser is too strong the power or poor compliance to the advices given by our doctors.

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