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Birth Marks Removal

1) What are the treatments available?
Birthmarks are usually harmless and represent irregularity on the skin that is present at birth or shortly after birth. The most effective treatment available is laser. The choice of laser used depends on the type of birthmarks i.e. melanin or vascular. Successful treatment is only made possible with an accurate diagnosis.

2) How do birthmarks treated by laser?
There are many laser treatments employed for different types of birthmarks. The QS Nd:YAG laser such as Revlite® is used to treat black colour birthmarks that include Nevus of Ota, Nevus of Ito, Café au lait patch and etc. Vascular birthmarks such as port wine stain will benefit from Pulse Dye Laser e.g. VBeam® or KTP (Cutera® Excel V) laser.
Laser system emits high-energy pulses to heat and fragment the underlying pigments without damaging the surrounding skin tissues. The shattered pigments are cleared through the immune system.

3) How many sessions of treatment do I need?
The number of treatment depends on the size and depth of the birthmarks. It is possible to see immediate results after just 1 session although in general, birthmarks removal usually requires around 10 treatments at monthly interval.

4) Will birthmarks recur after it has been treated?
Yes, as birthmarks are considered part of the healthy tissue in our body, there is always a possibility of recurrence due to the origin of congenital pathology. Fortunately, maintenance therapies can be used to suppress the appearance.

5) Are there any side effects from laser?
Laser treatments are safe. Side effects are usually energy dependent. The skin can temporary develops some pinpoint redness which subside after several days. Scabbing can develop with vascular laser.

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