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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

1) How is Body Sculpting perfomed non-surgically?
The IDEAL non-surgical Body Sculpting is achieved by using combination of CooLift, X-Lipo and Freeze Lipo treatment.
CooLift is a technology that delivers mono polar radio frequency energy into the skin tissue for collagen remodelling and also loosening of the fat cells.
X-Lipo is a device that uses bipolar radiofrequency, infrared light and vacuum technology which helps loosen the fat cells to facilitate it’s drainage and stimulate new collagen to tighten the skin.
Freeze Lipo non-invasively lowers the temperature of the subcutaneous fat to sub-zero, thereby lead to destruction of the fat cells.
Some clients may combine the above treatments with MesoLipolysis. This can increase the metabolism of stored energy and improve your lymphatic drainage; it also reduces the size of fat cells as well as tightens the skin to help in sculpting.

2) How fast can I see the results?
You can see instant result immediately after the 1st treatment. The degree of improvement depends on the severity of problem.

3) How many sessions do I need?
Several treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired level of correction, depends on the severity of problem and maintenance of healthy lifestyle. Please consult our doctor for individual assessment.

4) Is the procedure painful?
When the CooLift applicator is applied onto your body, you will feel a cold sensation. As the applicator moves around the treatment areas, you can start to feel warm feeling. X-Lipo on the hand exerts suction and heat onto the body and some clients describe the feeling as “body massage”. Our therapist can adjust the power according to your comfort level. Lastly, when the applicators of the Freeze Lipo are placed on the treatment areas, you will have mild pulling of the skin followed by cold sensation.

5) Is there any special aftercare needed?
There is no special care required after the treatment. You can resume work and usual activities right after the treatment. Maintenance of healthy lifestyle and appropriate exercise regime to ensure good and long lasting benefits.

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