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Cellulite Reduction

1) What is Cellulite?
Cellulite is fairly common in females. It gives your thighs / abdomen that dimpled look and feels lumpy and uneven. The fatty tissues that herniate through (something like squeezing through) the fibrous connective tissue contribute to cellulite, which in common term is sometimes called orange peel / cottage cheese skin. The estrogen hormone could likely initiate and aggravate cellulite. Some inherits in their genetic the predispose to cellulite formation.

2) How is Cellulite treated?
IDO’S Clinic uses combination of mono-polar and bipolar radio frequency waves together with pneumatic massages and infrared therapy to stimulate lymphatic flow to drain away metabolized fat and restore the elasticity of the skin. This can improve the “orang-peel” appearance. Mesotherapy that contains fat dissolving agents and detoxification actives can be administered to enhance the effects.

3) How long does it take to see the results?
Most clients are able to appreciate the improved texture and smoothness of the skin after as few as 2 sessions. This however varies with individuals based on the severity of the conditions. We also repetitively stress the importance of exercise to synergize the improvement.

4) How many treatments do I need?
You are always welcome to consult any IDO’S Clinic’s doctors to determine the best customized treatment for yourself. We generally recommend an initial intensive course of 8 to 10 treatment sessions, performed 1 to 2 weeks apart to achieve your desired effect, followed by maintenance therapies.

5) Are there any discomfort during the treatment?
You may feel the warmth emitted from the machine during treatment along with minimal discomfort of massages that aims to loosen the hardened and deposited fatty tissues. Most of our clients tolerated the procedure very well.

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