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Dark Eye Circle

1) What causes dark eye circle?
Capillaries are readily seen through the delicate skin around the eyes. Weak blood vessels can rupture, leaking the red blood cells into surrounding tissue. These trapped blood cells will start to exhaust the oxygen contents, leaving a dark blue-black color, like a bruise. Inappropriate use of skincare products and aging process will further make the skin thinner. Combination of both factors leading to this discoloration to be more prominent.
Other causes include wrinkles, habitual rubbing of the eyes from allergic reaction, poor nutrition, sun exposure, hormonal change and etc.

2) What are the treatments available?
Each treatment is tailored specifically according to each individual, mainly targeting the root cause of the problem. Our clinic provides services for iontophoresis and ultrasonophoresis with antioxidants, mesotherapy and laser therapy. In some cases, filler can be injected to target the problem. Our doctors will also advise for correct and proper eye care to enhance better results!

3) How does Mesotherapy ligthen the darkness?
Mesotherapy technique introduces rejuvenating and brightening factors into the skin. These helps in the breakdown of the pigments, promotes healthier and brighter skin. Mesotherapy is also considered a collagen inducing therapy, thus promoting new collagen synthesis, thickening of the skin and strengthening the blood vessels.

4) How do lasers reduce the dark circles?
Our Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser (Revlite® and Medlite® C6) is the latest, state of the art technology to break down pigments that cause the darkening or shadow effect of dark eye circles. 3 to 6 sessions can yield satisfactory results. Laser therapy done in regular sessions also help in new collagen formation that further improving the skin tone.

5) Is there anything else I should do?
Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration; lead a healthy lifestyle of getting good rest and maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet. Proper eye care includes gentle cleanser and good eye cream. Our exclusive MEDKARE series skincare are packed with powerful anti-oxidants and bio-peptides in maintaining your good results.

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