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Dull/ Dark Skin

1) What causes dull skin?
Dull skin occurs when blood capillaries become fewer in number and cell renewal occurs at a slower rate. Pollution, dehydration and failure of complete removal of make up lead to build up in dead skin in uneven patch on the outer skin layer. Excessive sun exposure, alcohol and smoking can lead to early formation of wrinkles and hence reduce the brightness of skin. Dullness also occurs when there is uneven build up of melanin and lack of normal sebum in the skin.

2) Are there any treatment to brighten the dull skin?
Treatment options aim at exfoliate the excessive dead skin cells, reduce accumulation of melanin and rejuvenate the skin. This can be achieved via Laser Facial, IDO’S Clinic peeling program, Mesotherapy, Ultrasonophoresis and our signature LumiFacial. Skin condition can be maintained using the MEDKARE skincare series as prescribed by our doctors.

3) Is there anything else I can do at home?
Avoid prolonged sun exposure, smoking, excessive alcohol and caffeine. You should hydrate yourself, take adequate rest, exercise and always cover yourself with sunscreen. Make up must be properly cleansed and wash off before bedtime.

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