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Hair Reduction

1) What are the benefits of laser Hair Reduction?
Laser Hair Removal offers a quick, effective and relatively painless procedure. It removes hair follicles from their roots without harming the skin surface. Scarring and pigmentations are minimum. Large areas of skin in any part of the body can be treated all at once. It is suitable for all skin types and can remove existing ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. Laser Hair removal has no downtime and you can resume regular activities immediately.

2) How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments required will vary depending on the density, location and nature of the hair and skin colour. Hair grows in a staggered cycles. While the laser disables hair follicles only in the active growth phase, previously dormant follicles can assume growth after the treatments. Hence, more than 1 treatment is necessary to provide best results. We generally recommend a course of 6 to 10 sessions, with a 4 to 8 weekly interval.

3) Can hair be permanently removed?
As previously dormant hair follicles will continue to grow even after the laser treatment, the term “Permanent Hair Removal” is a misnomer and therefore “Permanent Hair Reduction” is a more accurate description. With each session, you will notice significant fewer, fairer and finer hair. The hair will grow at a much slower rate. Touch-up treatment may be required infrequently to maintain a smooth silky skin.

4) Is there any preparation I need to do before the treatment?
Avoid sunbathing and suntan for at least 4 weeks and refrain from any waxing, plucking and electrolysis prior to the treatment. It is also important to avoid over-shaving few days before the treatment, as your doctor will need to see short hair stubbles for a more accurate laser aiming. You should not wear any deodorants, perfumes or cream at the treatment area before arriving at the clinic.

5) Is there any discomfort during the treatment?
You may feel slight tingling sensation like a snap of a rubber band against your skin. Most of our clients tolerate the treatment well. Anaesthetic cream can be applied for 40 minutes before the treatment for a more comfortable procedure. A cool pack can be used to further reduce the sensation.

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