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1) What is it?
A wonderful multi-platform device that delivers micro-dermabrasion and incorporated with infusion. Dermabrasion effectively removes the dead skin and concurrently infusion of topical multivitamins, anti-oxidants, anti-aging actives and whitening factors is taking place.The system also equipped with Ultra-sonophoresis for better infusion and lifting of the skin.

2) How is it different from traditional Microdermabrasion?
Traditional microdermabrasion removes the upper part of the epidermis with abrasive materials in a dry fashion. There is high risk of skin damaged and severe sensitivity. Hydro-Dermabrasion on the other hand gently removes a predictable layer of dead skin and concurrently hydrates the skin with actives solution. It is safe, painless and highly effective.

3) How is Hydro-Dermabrasion performed?
Initially, your face will be cleansed thoroughly. You shall feel a sensation of “skin pulling” and “water dripping” throughout the procedure. When the ultra-sonophoresis is applied, it is extremely soothing and comfortable. The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes, following which an whitening mask will be applied to your face.

4) What results can I expect?
Brightening and tightening of the skin with marked reduction of wrinkles and blemishes.

5) Are there any side effects?
A small group of patients report transient redness that is usually resolved after 20 minutes. You could resume your daily routine immediately after the treatment.

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