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Laser Facial

1) What is it?
This is one of the latest and most exciting aesthetic procedures that is perfect for those looking for a safe and quick way to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. Laser penetrates deeply into the skin, without causing any injury to the outer later, to stimulate production of collagen and natural proteins for a healthier and more refreshed skin.

2) What results can I expect?
100% of our clients who have been treated with Laser Facial discovered renew, ultra soft and smoother texture; marked reduction of wrinkles; shrinking of open pores; tightening of sagging skin and a visibly illuminate skin tone. Pigmentation problems such as age spots and melasma will be markedly improved.

3) I do not have any problem with my skin, do I need this treatment?
Anyone can benefit from Laser Facial. However, if you are seeking for a more dramatic correction, there are alternative treatments such as Fractional Lasers, Non-Surgical Face Lift and etc. But if you do not have serious skin problem, it is important to preserve your skin’s youthfulness and natural radiance. Laser Facial can do exactly the same.

4) How is Laser Facial performed?
After a thorough cleansing, anesthetic cream can be applied on request for your maximum comfort. When the laser beam touches the skin, some patients describe it as warm prickling sensation and some reported the feeling similar to the snap of a thin rubber. The procedure will last for about 15 minutes. A cooling mask impregnated with botanical extracts, anti-oxidants and multi-Vitamins is applied for further 20 minutes for a more synergistic improvement.

5) Are there any side effects?
Laser Facial is safe. A small group of our patients report transient redness that is usually resolved after 20 minutes. Most patients can resume their daily routine immediately after the treatment.

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