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Laser (Fractional CO2)

1) What is Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing technology?
Fractional CO2 Laser, by way of ablative resurfacing technology, delivers thousands of ultra fine, precisely tiny yet deep columns of heat, penetrating all the way to the dermal area to promote natural healing process of your own skin, thereby improving not only the scars, but also achieving skin tightening and rejuvenation at the same time.

2) What are the benefits after Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing?
In just 2 -3 weeks, you will appreciate the improvement in your skin texture as the scarring depth decreases with the on-going healing process after laser sessions. As only a fraction of the skin is treated, healing process is more rapid. With regeneration of a new skin later, your complexion and skin tone will also improve. CO2 Laser can also be used to remove skin tags, moles, fine lines around eyes/mouth and other skin lesions.

3) How is Fractional CO2 Laser performed?
Initially, your face will be cleansed thoroughly; a layer of anaesthetic cream is applied onto the treatment areas to reduce the discomfort during the procedure. The laser takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes, following which protective cream will be applied to your face before you go home.

4) Are there any downtime/ side effects?
The first 3 to 4 days after laser, you will experience skin dryness and scabs start to form at the treated areas. You skin will turn slightly brownish/ greyish in colour and this is expected to drop off completely once healing is complete – usually in about a week. Most clients attend to work and school as usual but you may want to schedule you laser just before the weekend starts as many do.

5) Any special care after the treatment?
Following the laser treatment, you will be counselled on appropriate after care steps. Several products to enhance the healing process, thus decreasing the downtime are to be applied as recommended. You are advised to avoid excessive sun exposure during the course of treatment and more importantly any skincare products that are not prescribed or checked by our doctors.

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