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Laser (Fractional Erbium:Glass)

1) What is Fractional Erbium:Glass Laser?
Fractional Erbium:Glass Laser is a gentle and yet effective type of non-ablative laser. It improves skin conditions by affecting only a fraction of your skin at a time with thousands of tiny but deep microscopic laser columns in your skin. For every column, laser targets and treats intensively but leave the surrounding tissues intact. This allows the skin to heal much faster to create new, healthy tissue.

2) What are its advantages compared to other resufacing technology?
As only fractional volume of skin is treated, the spared healthy tissue between treatment zones contains viable cells that promote a more rapid healing. The end result is comparable with the intensive traditional resurfacing technology but with minimal downtime, a lot less complications and high satisfactory rate.

3) What conditions can be treated by Fractional Erbium:Glass Laser?
Fractional Er:Glass Laser is excellent for treating deep acne scars, stretch marks, stubborn pigmentation including melasma. It can also effectively treat sun damage, fine wrinkles and aging skin, to rejuvenate the skin for an overall younger look.

4) How is Fractional Erbium:Glass Laser performed?
Anesthetic cream may be applied for 40 minutes prior to the treatment for your maximum comfort. The laser procedure will take about 20 minutes for a full face. Most of the clients describe the sensation as “pins and needles”. A cooling face mask impregnated with anti-oxidants and multi-vitamins is applied immediately after the laser for synergistic results. Plan on being the clinic for 1 and a half hour in total.

5) Are there any side effects?
This is a very safe procedure and post treatment reactions are temporary. These include mild redness, swelling and hot sensation.

6) Any special care before/ after the treatment?
You must avoid suntan and excessive sun exposure 6 weeks prior to the treatment. Have a meal 1 – 2 hours before your treatment. After the laser, use MEDKARE sunblock, maintain hygiene at treated areas, avoid all saunas, swimming and hot shower for at least 3 days. You must also avoid direct sun exposure and artificial suntan during the period of treatment and at least 6 months after. Your doctor might prescribe you some medicine after the procedure to speed up your recovery.

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