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Lips Whitening

1) What causes dark lips?
In Asian population, prolonged exposure to sunlight, excessive consumption of caffeine, smoking or dehydration can contribute to the darkening of your lips. Use of lip products from disreputable companies and expired products can further exacerbate the conditions.

2) How is Lips Whitening performed in IDO’S Clinic?
Lips whitening can be achieved by Laser treatment. Our doctor will provide you professional advice in lifestyle and lips care modifications for your best results.

3) How many session of treatments are required?
Whitening can be seen after just 1 treatment. A series of treatments will have a better outcome.

4) Are there any side effects?
After the laser treatment,  you may feel dryness of the lips for 1-2 days, this will follow by mild peeling. However, with proper hydration and lips balm, the reaction is extremely tolerable.

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