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1) What is MesoLipolysis?
Mesolipolysis is a subtype of Mesotherapy that target on the fat reduction, body sculpting and cellulite busting. This method works by administering fat-dissolving actives into the fat cell layer. Saddle bags, love handles, hips, waist line, arms and double chins can be sculpted with few injections.

2) How does Mesolipolysis work on fat /cellulite?
Mesolipolysis is highly effective in reducing localized fat deposits, couple with regeneration and improvement of skin elasticity. It contains various botanical extracts and biomimetic peptides to increase fat metabolism and melting. It also improves lymphatic circulation to reduce the appearance of the cellulite. Another advantage is that the skin will continue to tighten with the reduction of fat.

3) What are the advantages of MesoLipolysis over surgery such as liposuction?
There is no downtime; the procedure can be performed in the clinic setting and cost a lot less than the conventional surgical fat removal or liposuction. More importantly, it is not associated with any surgical and anesthetic risk and complications.

4) Are the treatment painful?
Our doctors are very gentle and diligent when administering the Mesolipolysis. You could feel slight needle prick sensation during the procedure. However, this is extremely tolerable according to most of our clients.

5) How fast can I see the result and how long does it last?
Treatments are given on 1 to 2 weekly intervals, for at least 6 treatments. Some individuals might need more treatments than others. When the desired effects are achieved, you should comply with dietary and lifestyle modifications as this can prolong the effectiveness of the treatments. Some clients will return for maintenance therapy every 1 to 2 months or so.

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