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Swap Old For New Campaign

Return Old Bottles To Enjoy Buy 1 FREE 1.

As one of the responsible corporate in promoting sustainable global environment, we at IDO’S Clinic are launching a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns that aim at protecting biodiversity, moving towards a recycling-oriented society and educating our next generation as appropriate in light of regional environmental issues.

Our first step is “Swap Old for New” recycling campaign and enjoy “Buy 1 FREE 1”!

Kindly complete steps below to enjoy this promotion:
Step 1 : Like IDO’S Clinic Fan Page.
Step 2 : Share this posting with “public” setting at your Timeline and tag 5 of your friends.
Step 3 : Pre-order product through this link
Step 4 : Bring any brand of old skincare bottle to your preferred outlet before 30/11/14 to enjoy the Buy 1 FREE 1 promotion.

Bing all the old skincare bottles (any brands) you have at our IDO’S Clinic to play your part in reducing the trash of the earth. In order to help this campaign, we are offering “Buy 1 FREE 1” MedKare products for anyone that trash the old bottles.

All collection will be delivered to the designated centres for recycling purposes.

Let’s contribute our little effort for reducing trash to SAVE our EARTH TOGETHER!!

*T&C Apply.