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Eye Lid Treatment


‘Eyes are the window to the soul’ is a common phrase that we always hear, however how do you define an attractive eyes? Although this is a very subjective to discuss but often a beautiful eyes are define as big, sparkling, alert and almost always double eyelid is one of the criteria as definition of attractive eyes. Unfortunately, many Asian are born without double eyelid, and therefore, double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures among the Asian population.

Double Eyelid Surgery (Incisional)
Double eyelid surgery is a procedure where excess fat and skin is removed using incisional method and the skin is then sutured back. There will be swelling for about 2 weeks or more, and you need to go back to remove the stitches after about 7-10 days. However not everyone is comfortable to be under the ‘knife’. And besides, many are not able to accept the downtime and swelling. So is there any other way to achieve double eyelid without cutting?

Double Eyelid Procedure (suturing)
For those who are uncomfortable to be under the ‘knife’. There is a method that you can obtain double eyelid without undergoing the incisional method which is what they called the suturing method of double eyelid. This is not a full scale surgery and is considered a simple procedure. However by saying simple, this procedure should be only performed by well-trained doctor and not any other layman. This is not the latest method as it was even documented as early as 1896 by Dr. Mikamo (Japan). So what is the differences between and incisional and the suturing method. The suturing method gives you faster surgery, less swelling, shorter downtime and virtually scar-free. However, many had claimed that the suturing method has high breakage rate and ill define crease which may fade away along the years. The good news is non-cutting method had been improvised or improved by many doctors around the globe along the years and the current method can be said to be very long lasting and some say permanent. In 2001, Dr. Katsuhiro Kure and Dr. Akihiro Minami had created an improvised method; DST (double suture and twist). They claim to have performed this technique on more than 1000 patients over 10 years with very good and long lasting outcome. In recent years, doctors of Taiwan also improvised the suturing method by using triple suture technique and claim had been performing it for 6-8 years with no complaint of breakage so far.     Double eye lid