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Oily Skin

1) What are the causes of Oily Face?
Oily skin is associated with overactive sebaceous glands that caused by variety factors such as hormonal imbalance, hereditary, inappropriate use of skincare, excessive washing or exfoliating of skin, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and certain medication. If oily skin is not controlled, the pores can be covered by excess oil and dirt, leading to acne and large pores.

2) What are the treatment available to reduce the oil?
There are plenty of ways to reduce the oil secretion. Clear complexion strategies range from our proprietary MEDKARE skincare series to prescription of topical or oral medicine, laser therapy, Meso-Botulinum Toxin A treatment and IDO’S Clinic Peeling Program.

3) How do I know what treatment is right for me?
Our body naturally produces sebum to keep our skin moisturized and healthy. Treatment must maintain a fine balance between excessive (oily appearance) and too little (dry skin) of sebum production over skin surface. Hence you should always consult our doctor for further assessment to decide upon the best treatment for you.

4) Can you advise me what skincare should I use?
AT IDO’S Clinic, we provide you a clinic based doctor approved series of skincare product — MEDKARE.
We have products that target oily skin and acne, for example our “Anti-Blemish” and “Hydra Soothe” series. We also provide products to reduce comedone and gentle skin exfoliant to help with healthier skin. Our doctor will personally design a suitable skin care routine according to your skin type.

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