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Photo Dynamic Therapy

1) What is Photo Dynamic Bio-Stimulation Therapy (PDT)?
PDT (Photo Dynamic Bio-Stimulation Therapy) has been extensively researched around the world and even by NASA.  It is a form of Phototherapy that utilizes LED (Light Emitting Diode) to enhance DNA synthesis, cell regeneration and accelerate the replenishment of collagen. Our multi-platform system uses combination of 4 wavelenghts; Blue (420nm), Green (525nm), Yellow (590nm), Red (640nm).

2) What are the benefits of PDT?
This is a unique skin rejuvenation device that turns back the clock on ageing, sun-damaged skin, blemishes, redness and uneven pigmentation. It is also especially useful to improve skin healing after laser or surgical treatment. PDT treatments are less expensive than other light based therapies; it is absolutely pain free with no downtime at all.

3) How does IDO’S Clinic’s PDT compare to other LED technologies in the world?
The short answer is that there is simply NO comparison. Our multi platform system is the only device that uses combined lights with the added ability of being able to Lift sagging tissue. Research has sown that the best rejuvenation results are seen only when all 4 lights wavelengths are used in conjunction and when the skin is exposed for a constant and pulsating set time, depending on the condition being treated. Furthermore, our system contains the LED panel even large enough to treat the entire back of the body.

4) How many treatments do I need?
Age, lifestyle, and skin condition will influence the number of treatments needed. While clients usually report a noticeable improvement after just 1 treatment, a series is required to get the full benefits. Generally, depending on your skin and the severity of the conditions being treated, 6-10 treatments achieve optimal and long-lasting results.

5) how long does the result last?
Improvements continue for at least 3 months after a single session. After completing a series, depending on the rate of the ageing process, changes can last over one year. A good skincare regime, healthy lifestyle combined with a monthly maintenance treatment, is sufficient to enhance and maintain the results you obtained.

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