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1) How do fractional lasers treat scars?
Fractional Lasers (CO2, Erbium:YAG or Erbium:Glass) induce microscopic 3 dimensional zones of thermal damage, surrounded by healthy, viable tissue. This pattern of treatment allows a rapid stimulation of collagen and healing process to replace the disorganized, compacted scar tissue with healthy cells.

2) What is the difference between various types of lasers used?
The most striking difference between the 3 different lasers is the ability to ablate the tissues. COand Erbium:YAG laser can remove the outer skin layer at the entry point of the laser beams. Fine scabbing will form and the dead skin will peel off several days later. Erbium:Glass laser on the other hand is completely non-ablative and associated with much reduced downtime. All 3 laser systems are equally effective in treating various types of scars.

3) How do injections remove scars and keloids?
Injection is suitable only for raised scars (hypertrophic, keloid scars). Cortisone is used to dissolve the collagen and fibers deposited within the scars, thus flatten the area.

4) How many sessions of treatments do I need?
6 to 8 sessions of laser are usually needed, more treatments are indicated for severe cases. Injections of cortisone can usually produce satisfactory results even after the first treatment.

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