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Skin Tag/ Moles

1) Are moles cancerous?
Most moles are harmless. However, they can be unsightly. Nevertheless, a small percentage of moles can develop into more dangerous form. If you notice any changes in mole’s colour, size, shape or height, of if the mole start to bleed, ooze, tender or itch, you should consult the doctor.

2) How do laser remove moles?
Ablative laser such as CO2 Laser or Erbium:YAG Laser is one of the simplest methods in removing the moles. The principle is to flatten the moles, seal the blood vessels, break up the pigments and remove the thin layer with high precision. You might feel slight discomfort but local anesthetic can be applied to reduce the pain. There is usually no need for stitches.

3) Any other treatments that work?
Electrical cauterization, cryotherapy or strong local chemical peel can be used to treat this problem.

4) how many sessions of treatment are needed?
Most of the moles can be removed completely in 1 session. However, in some cases, a further clearing session is indicated to achieve optimum result.

5) Would there be any scarring after the treatment?
There should be no resultant scarring, provided the post surgery care instructions are followed.

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