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Underarm Whitening

1) How does laser help in lighten the underarm?
Underarm hyperpigmentation can be embarrassing for many women. The Q-switched Nd:YAG laser (Revlite® or Medlite® C6) works by fragmenting the melanin pigmentations in the skin. The shattered pigments are eliminated by our body’s immune system. The laser also effectively targets the hair follicles to stunt the hair growth. After several treatments, the skin will become visibly fairer with added improvement of skin tone and smooth texture.

2) How fast can I see the result?
You can start to appreciate the difference after the 1st treatment. You will likely need few treatments, performed every 4-6 weeks, until the desired lightening effect has been achieved.

3) Is there any discomfort during the treatment?
Most of our clients describe the feeling as “mildly tickly” when laser beams touch the skin. As the areas treated can be perceived as rather private to some clients, you can choose to have the procedure done by one of our female doctors when available.

4) Are there any other side effects?
Revlite® and Medlite® C6 laser has one of the highest safety profile. Common reactions to the laser include pinpoint redness, mild swelling and itchiness. This can be addressed by ointment prescribed by our doctors.

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